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In today’s reality you are constantly under some pressure and demand. Constantly running around with no time for yourself. Chasing your career, managing family, caring for loved ones… You  forget about yourself. Before you realize it, you have gained 30 pounds, you are a nervous wreck, you lost your self confidence (in the bedroom and out) and it doesn’t look like it will get any better. Now stop for a moment.






Now think about yourself for a moment. Where are you heading with this lifestyle? Towards:



Increased risk for heart attack



Pain being a part of your daily life (due to inflammation created by hormonal imbalance and weight)


And then what? Who will take care of you? Everyone is busy with their own lives. Isn’t it much better to prevent something than to treat something?

I am sure that your happiness is your ultimate goal. Take action now and take care of yourself.

  • Lose that extra weight.

  • Take control over your stress (not the situation that causes stress, reather how you respond to that situation).

  • Improve sleep (you can’t have optimal health without your healthy sleep habits)

  • Get your self-confidence back (in the bedroom as well as the boardroom)

  • Start to enjoy every moment of your life and be HAPPY (This is the only requirement)

With this wellness program you will get: 12 WEEKS OF SUPPORT

  1. Acupuncture digital exam (digital meridian analysis that will give you a clear picture where is your imbalance at the moment and how to fix it)

  2. Weekly acupuncture treatment (to help you create that balance that is necessary for great health and wellness)

  3. Stress management to avoid and minimize those hormonal surges

  4. Cupping suction therapy that is excellent for pain control and circulation improvement

  5. Weight management/loss

  6. Nutritional advice

  7. The right supplement recommendation for optimal results

At the end you create your own happiness –  your ultimate goa

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