What you can expect during a treatment:

Your first visit can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes, especially if a consultation and treatment are combined. During your first visit, acupuncturist, Dr. Fazlicic will review your clinic forms, ask additional questions, review your health history, and possibly perform a general physical exam. Dr. Fazlicic also deploys the Acupuncture Digital Exam to provide a readout of your acupuncture meridians, providing you and your acupuncturist the ability to clearly identify and classify your meridian energy imbalances. Once your acupuncturist has a full understanding of your symptoms and concerns, she will create a unique treatment plan. The plan will be reviewed and updated each visit.
Don’t be surprised if the needle points change during your treatments.

Before and after visit recommendations:

  • Avoid eating a large meal prior to your visit
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, or intense exercise/workouts after your treatment

Acupuncture is used to realign the imbalances in your body. Just as the imbalances occurred over time, it can take time to reverse the condition. Depending on your condition, healing may require as few as 1-3 treatments and as many as an ongoing treatment plan.

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