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We are a Chicago Area  Acupuncture Clinic
Focused on Anxiety & Stress Management, Fertility Support and Pain Management

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Meet Leila Fazlicic, L. Ac.

Leila has been treating patients in her clinic, Acupuncture in Chicago since 2010, after earning her L.Ac. degree from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

Leila specializes in stress reduction, pain management, weight loss, and fertility issues. Our clinic helps patients like yourself - ones who want to heal, be proactive about their health, avoid medications, and take control of their health. Our patients say they feel more balanced, happier, more energetic and positive.

About Our Clinic

Who We Are:

We are a Chicago Area Acupuncture Clinic focused on providing healing treatments!
Healing acupuncture treatments supported by Leila’s extensive education in both Eastern and Western Medicine.

– Individualized and unique treatment approach.
– Reasonable rates
– Evening and weekend appointments, conveniently located off I94
– Serving Chicago and Northern Suburbs
– Free parking!

Our Treatments

A consultation consists of patient presenting medical concerns. A full description of the patients symptoms is important for diagnosis.
Acupuncture treatment incorporates the use of filliform stainless steel single use needles to balance the flow of energy through meridians.
Cupping therapy uses suction on the skin to promote blood flow. Small glass cups are placed on the skin, sometimes gently moved over the skin, gently pulling the muscles to relax while providing relief through pressure.
Auricular (ear acupuncture). The points on the ear are especially effective in treating irregularities in the body’s internal organs. Several points on the ear can be used to stimulate the release of endorphins.

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