Bridge to Health Acupuncture Clinic

We are a Chicago Area  Acupuncture Clinic
Focused on Anxiety & Stress Management, Fertility Support and Pain Management

What We Treat

Meet Leila Fazlicic, L. Ac.

Leila has been treating patients in her clinic, Bridge to Health Acupuncture since 2010, after earning her L.Ac. degree from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

Leila specializes in stress reduction, pain management, weight loss, and fertility issues. Our clinic helps patients like yourself - ones who want to heal, be proactive about their health, avoid medications, and take control of their health. Our patients say they feel more balanced, happier, more energetic and positive.

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About Our Clinic

Who We Are:

We are a Chicago Area Acupuncture Clinic focused on providing healing treatments!
Healing acupuncture treatments supported by Leila’s extensive education in both Eastern and Western Medicine.

– Individualized and unique treatment approach.
– Reasonable rates
– Evening and weekend appointments, conveniently located off I94
– Serving Chicago and Northern Suburbs
– Free parking!

Our Treatments

A consultation consists of patient presenting medical concerns. A full description of the patients symptoms is important for diagnosis.
Acupuncture treatment incorporates the use of filliform stainless steel single use needles to balance the flow of energy through meridians.
Cupping therapy uses suction on the skin to promote blood flow. Small glass cups are placed on the skin, sometimes gently moved over the skin, gently pulling the muscles to relax while providing relief through pressure.
Auricular (ear acupuncture). The points on the ear are especially effective in treating irregularities in the body’s internal organs. Several points on the ear can be used to stimulate the release of endorphins.

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What Our Patient Say

“Recently I had breakfast with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a couple of months. In the middle of conversation, she just asked  “Did you get face lift surgery?” I answered “No,” She then asked “then what is your secret?” I said “Acupuncture.” She was surprised with my answer, and couldn’t believe. Than I

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments

“I had inner ear surgery a year and a half ago and as a result of the surgery I had issues that physicians, psychologists and prescriptions were not able to address effectively — namely nausea, anxiety and balance issues. I found the nausea and anxiety so debilitating that I was not able to carry on

Nausea, anxiety and balance issues

“GREAT service. Very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. She has much knowledge on the subject of acupuncture and makes sure you understand every part. I will now be a forever client as we work on my issues and pain etc. I HIGHLY recommend this place for your eastern approach to medicine and the body. My day

GREAT service

“I have known Lejla Fazlicic for 4 years and I have seen her knowledge of acupuncture grow. Her touch and treatments are right on. She has improved my general fatigue and knee and back pain. I am a happier person knowing her. I give Bridge to Health the highest rating. Everyone should give it a

Knee and back pain

“I have been in treatment with Lejla for over a year now. She treated me for facial paralysis and allergies. I tried just about everything under the sun. Acupuncture with Lejla has been great. She really does care to make you feel better. I highly recommend Bridge to Health.” Hasan

Facial paralysis and allergies

“I had lower back pain for the longest time, since High School. The pain got to the point where I would dream that I couldn’t walk and I would wake at night. I believe there isn’t anything I had not tried from hot/cold patches to pain killers. Nothing seemed to help for more than a

Lower back pain

“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last six years and were pretty much giving up on trying. My doctor recommended I try acupuncture and, after doing a bit of research, I found Lejla. From the first appointment I felt extremely comfortable with her. She was easy to talk with and

More relaxed after our appointments

“I was suffering from anxiety after a traumatic experience when I went to see Lejla. After a consultation and one acupuncture treatment I felt more relaxed and emotionally sound. Family members immediately noticed a change in me for the better. My anxiety continued to diminish after further treatment. More recently Lejla has been treating my

I was suffering from anxiety

“I am so happy I found acupuncture and specifically acupuncture with Lejla. I came to her initially for problems in my lower back. Since beginning my treatments with her (I’ve had six at this point) I have noticed great improvement in mobility and the nagging pain has subsided and is disappearing with each session. Her

Problems in my lower back

With the holidays just around the corner, stress is also increasing with excitement. Acupuncture has been proven to reduce the stress and improve the mood. For limited time we are offering FREE stress reduction treatment every Tuesday between 12:30 to 3 pm. No appointment necessary.


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